Help Improve Medication Adherence

"Do The Math"

Nearly 125,000 people die every year because they did not take their medication as directed.
The Personalized-Medication Adherence and Persistence Program (P-MAPP) evaluates patients’ everyday experiences with medications in the “real world.” Not just your experience, but the experiences of thousands of other patients taking the same medications.

#1 Public Health Crisis Costing the Healthcare System $386B Annually

With the voices of thousands of people like you, we can gain new knowledge and insights relating to how patients feel about the medications they take, how they take them, if they suffer any side effects (adverse events), and how and why patients do or do not take their medications as prescribed (adherence).
This can only come from your participation in the P-MAPP. By sharing your experiences and insights via P-MAPP’s brief monthly surveys, you will advance knowledge of medication safety and improve health outcomes for you and other patients taking the same medications and managing the same health conditions.