Patient FAQ

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You will be asked to complete follow-up surveys at pre-defined time periods. Survey questions will focus on your use of medications, your health outcomes, and if you are experiencing any side effects.
Most participants are able to complete the survey in 5-10 minutes. The survey is approximately 20 questions long and includes specific questions about how you are feeling, how often you are taking your medications, and any side effects that you may be experiencing. Surveys can be taken online (computer, smart phone or tablet), via a phone call with a representative from P-MAPP, or at your local pharmacy.
Yes, data are automatically saved as you go. For example, if your phone rings in the middle of the survey, you can exit the survey then come back later to finish.
Yes, you will have the choice to sign up for reminder emails, text messages or phone calls.
You have the opportunity to call the P-MAPP helpline or login to your P-MAPP account in order to reschedule the date of your survey. For your convenience, the survey can be easily taken on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. Participants also have the option of completing the survey via a phone call with a representative from P-MAPP or at your local pharmacy. You have a week-long “window” each month in which to take your survey. If ultimately you are unable to complete your survey in a given month, please log-in and select a new date to re-start your surveys.
The toll-free P-MAPP helpline, 800.757.7345, will be available to answer any questions you may have.
Yes, your personal survey responses will be provided to the healthcare professional who prescribed your diabetes medications as well as your pharmacist.
When your individual survey responses and health information are uploaded to the P-MAPP database, the data will be de-indentified (all personal identifiers will be deleted) and aggregated (combined) with data from the thousands of patients participating in the P-MAPP. The focus of the data analysis is to identify overall trends and patterns of behaviour related to medication adherence.
Yes. All data uploaded to the secure P-MAPP database are protected from unauthorized use at all times.
Most participants are able to complete enrollment in just 5 – 10 minutes.
Yes. While we certainly hope that participants will complete surveys over a 12-month time period, you may withdraw your participation at any time by calling P-MAPP: 800.757.7345 (toll-free).
Yes. Once all of the survey data of participating patients are collected and analyzed, the results will be shared with you, your pharmacist and your prescriber.
No. All medical advice, recommendations and treatment will only be provided by your physician, pharmacist or other healthcare provider.
No payment is provided. The P-MAPP is a voluntary program in which you have the opportunity to directly impact your own healthcare. Since thousands of patients, very similar to you, are participating in the P-MAPP, you can help expand the medical community’s understanding of why patients do or do not take certain medications as prescribed. Your experiences and insights can help advance medication adherence and persistence and improve health outcomes.