How to participate

Participation in the P-MAPP starts with a conversation with your pharmacist to confirm you are taking one of the medications being evaluated in the P-MAPP and to initiate the registration process.
To ensure your privacy and protect your health information, enrollment is initiated by your pharmacist. He/she will provide you with a tablet computer which provides instructions on how to enroll in the P-MAPP and complete the required forms, including Informed Consent and the Release of Health Information.
The first survey will collect baseline information about your health status. Moving forward, you will be prompted to complete additional P-MAPP surveys so that the program can collect your real-time experiences with your medications. The surveys generally take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and include specific questions about how you are feeling, how often you are taking your medications, and any side effects that you may be experiencing. Surveys can be taken online (computer, smart phone or tablet), via a phone call with a representative from P-MAPP, or at your local pharmacy.
As a participant, you will have access to periodic P-MAPP reports. You will be able to see how your experiences compare to thousands of other patients just like you who are taking the same daily medication and managing the same health conditions.