Protecting your privacy

When you participate in the P-MAPP, you share your inputs and experiences via your health surveys, your prescription information, and relevant components of your medical health record maintained at your physician’s office. It is your voice and your experiences – aggregated together with thousands of other patients just like you – that help show trends and patterns in medication adherence and persistence. The collective insights gained from P-MAPP can help lower healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.
Your Personal Information is De-Identified: De-identification is the process of removing any data or information that identifies you at the individual level. This means that your survey responses, prescription records and personal health record information contained in the P-MAPP database do not have any personal identifiers linked to your individual information. For example, after your survey information is sent to your physician or pharmacist, the data undergo a de-identification process in which information such as your name, date of birth, zip code, address, contact information, etc., are all removed – or “de-identified” – when the data are submitted anonymously to the P-MAPP database.
Your Personal Information is Aggregated:

Aggregation is the process of combining information together to evaluate the data for trends and patterns. The goal of the P-MAPP is to collect data in the “voice of the patient” from thousands of patients like you who are taking the same medication and managing the same health conditions. When information from thousands of patients is compiled or aggregated, this can help identify emerging trends and patterns in medication use, side effects, and health outcomes. Aggregated data are not traceable back to any specific individual patient.
Your Personal Information is also Encrypted and stored on Secure Servers:

To further guarantee the privacy and security of your health information, all data entered into P-MAPP is encrypted (made unreadable to unauthorized users or hackers) and stored on protected, secure servers.
De-Identified, Aggregated and Encrypted: It’s how you and your personal experiences on the medications you take can play a meaningful role as a data source for patient safety and health outcomes while your personal privacy is protected and your personal health information is secured.
We value your privacy and appreciate your feedback on your experiences with your medication. Thank you for your participation.