The benefits of P-MAPP participation to the patients, healthcare providers, pharmacists and health systems

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Increase Adherence

Tracks patterns and reasons for poor adherence and makes this data available to the patient’s healthcare team, thereby shortening the time between problem identification and intervention. Increased adherence translates to improved clinical outcomes.

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Improve Efficiency

Reduces costly emergency room visits or hospital admissions.

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Improve Data Quality

Increases the collection of data that documents improved clinical outcomes.

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Enhance Medication Adherence and Persistence

Utilizes patients' reported safety and efficacy assessments of prescribed medications as a metric to enhance medication adherence and persistence.

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Voice of the patient

Brings the ultimate end-user of the healthcare system – the patient – into the process of improving medication adherence and persistence in the “real world,” making the patient an active part of the solution.

Help P-MAPP collect the “voice of the patient” by enrolling patients in your pharmacy